Debby Frigge - van Zon.




Debby’s art consists mainly of paintings.  It’s an emotion, an expression of her feelings and spirituality that is also influenced by the world around her. The image that is formed in her mind is projected onto the canvas and is usually realistic. In addition to the delicate work, according to Debby, paintings also need a rough and abstract touch. This can be achieved by using materials such as for example sand, silk, small stones, straw or gold foil. Debby wants paintings to depict something that is comprehensible and understandable to the beholder.



For commissions Debby visits the commissioner by appointment in order to get an idea of the environment and lifestyle. Based on the impression she has, she then makes a design for a painting that will be produced after consultation within the price range agreed upon.


She also creates portraits of people and animals, both in black-and-white and in colour (paintings and drawings).


Debby is also involved in:

  • designing all sorts of greeting and occasional cards, such as birth announcement cards, wedding-cards, Christmas cards and anniversary cards for various publishing companies and private customers;

  • making illustrations for magazines, books, advertisements and websites;

  • wallpaintings;

  • designing logos, house styles;

  • making mosaics.

Art classes/workshops

In her studio she teaches several (painting) techniques, such as drawing, painting in water colours, acrylic and oil colour painting, painting in pastels and mixed techniques. This means that in the classes all painting techniques are mastered by means of an assignment. In the art classes the students can work free using the technique of their choice, under the supervision and guidance of Debby.


Workshops are given for groups of 10 persons and up. Both companies and private customers can make use of this option. For groups of over 10 people, the workshop is held at a different location or at the company’s premises. This means large groups are also possible.



For many years now, Debby has been on the board (chairwoman) of the Zeist OAR (Open Atelier Route). Each year the OAR organizes a weekend during which the ateliers are opened to the public.

For further information,  

Phone +31306961233

Mobile  +31625290624



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